2022 July Update!

It’s been a year of changes and here’s what’s up!

In my personal life, I left my full time job at the end of June and I’m now doing this and POCGamer full time. It wasn’t an easy decision, but it was a good one for my family situation and for my health. So that means more content and more games. I’m still a one man show for now, so I’m sorting out my time use to balance freelance writing and my own materials.

On the freelance side, I’m writing extensively for Blue Planet: Recontact; I’m writing two campaign archetypes, the World of Hurt sourcebook that expands the setting to include Earth, and I’m in talks about more work of the project. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, working for this project is a dream come true. I’ve also got some world building writing happening for a micro-setting collection, and will be talking more about that when the project is more developed.

As for my own games…

Sojourner is still deep in development and I had a serious issue with mission creep in the game. It was meant to be a rules lite sci-fi game and it was getting badly bloated as I kept adding ideas to it. I’m paring these back and currently working on a core mechanic to base the system on that will underpin its operation in a way that’s easy for players and referees alike to learn and use to have fun in the far future. I’m also looking at how to best include things like Androids, Aliens, Anthros, and so on without unduly stressing the system.

Sunfish Divers will be coming out for the end of the month I hope! This is a fun super-soft sci-fi genre game using the Caltrop Core system as it’s basis. The idea? Humanity discovers that there’s fish in the sun, and then discovers that they can eat them! The players are the brave Sunfish Divers who plunge into the sun to catch the fish there; but the fish are also HUGE so it’s a whole battle situation!

Untitled OSR Game will be a 2d6 and d66 (maybe?) Dungeoncrawler, released in three level collections. I have some of the mechanics designed for it, and it’s an homage to the parts of classic fantasy gaming that I’ve enjoyed over the years. I’m hoping to have something ready for it later this year to link it into the 2022 World Ember event in December on World Anvil and the world map project I’ll be streaming.

Untitled High Fantasy Game is going to be a pixel art filled point crawl style game. I’ve already got the bulk of the art assets for it, and I’m in the scoping phase for it.

Fight City and Wave Chasers are both in dire need of supplements and minor tweaks/updates, and I’ll be fitting those in over the next four months. Nova Suno will be getting some love as well, with some World Anvil expansions and supplementary material to push it to the maximum that the 24XX system can take.

That’s about it for now, thanks for your support!


Published by Graeme Barber

Graeme is a part time writer, scuba diver, veteran of overseas operations with the Canadian Armed Forces, proud Dad, and retrogaming blerd.

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