Station Hunt

You character is you, your home is your space station! An analogue augmented reality game, made to gamify your day!

Current Edition: v4
Formats: PDF, EPUB

Fight City

A fun RPG homage to the over the top genre of Side Scrolling Beat’em Ups! Take it to the streets! Only trust your fists!

Current Edition: Hot Pizza
Formats: PDF

The Foundation

Based in the SCP Universe and built on the Breathless System, this is a rules-lite SCP RPG!

Current Edition: v1
Formats: PDF

Wave Chasers

Coral was a resort world on the edge of known space, and now its peoples must survive on their own! Swim – Survive – Explore!

Current Edition: v2
Formats: PDF

Variant XP&L System

A set of variant rules for experience points and leveling in the world’s most popular RPG. Expand your game today!

Current Edition: v5.5
Formats: PDF


Science Fiction role-playing in the far future.

Beta Release ETA Unknown

Current Edition: in development
Formats: nil


Using 24XX as a core, this is a post-apocalypse solarpunk RPG where humans and anthros strive for a better, greener future.

Current Edition: 1.0
Formats: PDF



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