NOVA SUNO and Working with 24XX

With the recent release of NOVA SUNO, several things happened. First was that I was working with a completely new system (Jason Tocci’s 24XX), and the other? I got to learn Affinity Publisher on the fly. It was pretty exciting, and 24XX in particular was fascinating to work with.

24XX is an extremely lite but capable game engine, and my goal was to keep to the format established by Jason (at least for this game!). To do so meant truncating information and leaving a lot up to the imaginations of the end users. I’m happy with, and proud of the final product, but my urge to world build and expand is too strong to ignore. So the plan is for a small set of 24XX based games and some supplemental materials to more completely develop the world that NOVA SUNO starts to describe.

NOVA SUNO is a light homage to and inspired by the Palladium Books game After the Bomb. We played the hell out of that game back in the day, and the post-apocaylpse mutant animal world stuck with me. Other inspirations come from the wilder side of proposed post-war engineering projects (like the NAWAPA project), synthwave music, and cool science fiction.

NOVA SUNO is currently available on Itch.


Published by Graeme Barber

Graeme is a part time writer, scuba diver, veteran of overseas operations with the Canadian Armed Forces, proud Dad, and retrogaming blerd.

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